Ditch them all together with uAttend.DO YOU KNOW WHAT
Ditch them all together
with uAttend.

There’s a better way.

While time cards may seem like the simpler solution, they’re downright inefficient. With one simple switch, you can ditch time cards for good and save on costs by streamlining your time tracking.


Do any of these time card troubles sound familiar to you?

  • Unorganized hand-written punches.
  • Damages to the time card.
  • Illegible double punches.
  • Lost or misplaced time cards.
  • Ink running out and causing faded punches.

These common errors are just the beginning with time cards. They also come with hidden costs that could be costing you serious time and money while going completely unnoticed in your business:

Solve Your Problems with uAttend

uAttend solves all these problems because it eliminates the need for paper time cards all together. That’s right: no more time cards, no more manual calculations, and no more overpaying on labor costs.

With uAttend, you get:

  • Paperless punching directly from the clock.
  • Automatic and error-free calculations.
  • Biometric technology to cut costs from buddy punching.

An easier way to manage

All of this can be done because uAttend time clocks connect with the cloud to automate your timekeeping and give you more visibility into your employee management.

Never miss a punch

Track every punch with or without network connection with offline mode.

Plug and play

Connect with Wi-Fi or LAN in seconds with easy plug and play system.

See all your data

Get instant access to employee data in real-time from any web browser.

Set your own rules

Customize your automatic rules so you can always stay compliant.

Save on costs

Set up rounding/lockout rules and break/overtime alerts to drive down costs.

Get organized

Automatically track accruals and time off requests all from one place.

Analytics and insights

Access dozens of reports from pay period to overtime.

Export anywhere

Export reports to 200+ payroll providers and directly to Quickbooks Desktop.

Choose your uAttend time clock:


Touch Tablet Time Clock with Biometric Finger Scanner


Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock


Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock with Temperature* Reader

And, only pay for what you need with our tiered pricing.

Each subscription includes free lifetime warranty, free software upgrades, free data storage, and unlimited technical and customer support.

*Subscription required for every uAttend time clock

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